Hyperion Decentralized Infrastructures

The Node Masters

The Mission

Hyperion Decentralized Infrastructures (HDI) was founded in 2019 from the initiative of a heterogeneous group of investors, blockchain developers and enthusiasts based in Switzerland. We believe that the blockchain technology will change the way we work and do business together.
We think the ecosystem has still a long way to go in order to reach the maturity needed to take the role it deserves. We would like to be part of the change and responsibly help shaping the industry.

The Way

With this in mind, we decided to pioneer in our region the possibility to be partially founded through a capital provision in cryptocurrencies (first in Ticino and one of the first in Switzerland) thus smothering the road for more to follow.
HDI aims to set itself as a reputable and trusted partner for Blockchain solutions. In order to do so we establish long term, trusted relationship with our partners. We stake and support reputable, long term projects that pursue a legit and sound use of the blockchain.

Press Releases

In this section are listed the main Press Releases related to the Company
04.03.19 – Costituzione Società [IT]
04.07.19 – CPChain Press Release [EN]
12.08.19 – Waves Press Release [EN]

HDI in Numbers

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Main Supported Projects




Ambrosus is a blockchain-powered IoT network for food and pharmaceutical enterprises, enabling secure and frictionless dialogue between sensors, distributed ledgers and databases to optimise supply chain visibility and quality assurance.

HDI supports Ambrosus since the testnet and we have been onboarded on the mainet with the very first wave of Masternodes


Cyber Physical Chain


CPChain is a new distributed infrastructure for next generation IoT. CPChain intends to build a fundamental data platform for IoT systems in combination with distributed storage, encryption computation and blockchain technologies, providing the whole process solution from data acquisition, storage, sharing to application.




Founded in 2015, VeChain is one of the earliest blockchain technology companies in the world.

VeChain has supported digital business transformation use cases for blockchain solutions in industries as diverse as fashion, wine, automobile, food safety, carbon emission reduction and agriculture.




IDEX is a hybrid, semi-decentralized exchange that provides a trustless, real-time, high-throughput trading experience in conjunction with blockchain based settlement.

IDEX enables users to trade continuously without waiting for transactions to mine, fill multiple orders at once, and cancel orders immediately without gas costs.




WAVES is a decentralized blockchain platform focusing on custom blockchain tokens operations.

National currencies transfer is maintained on the WAVES blockchain through compliant gateway operators.

Decentralized token exchange facilitates fundraising, crowdfunding, and trading of financial instruments on the blockchain.

Lease here your token!: 3PEtFTQjfTDJmhUmy9Yyf7qq6N2gRhLaZPe




Centrifuge is an open, decentralized platform to connect the global financial supply chain. It allows any business to transact while maintaining ownership of their data, including their validated company details, their reputation, business relationships, and subsequent transactions.

HDI supports Centrifuge since the first testnet phase (FLINT) with a fruitful collaboration.




The NuCypher network provides accessible, intuitive, and extensible runtimes and interfaces for secrets management and dynamic access control.

Access permissions are baked into the underlying encryption, and access can only be explicitly granted by the data owner via sharing policies. Consequently, the data owner has ultimate control over access to their data. At no point is the data decrypted nor can the underlying private keys be determined by the NuCypher network.

The Team

Diego Cesarei
Diego CesareiChairman
Diego is an economist, covering different managerial roles and working in various countries he gathered relevant experience in the financial services and banking sectors.

Naturally curious and passionate for innovation, his career gave him the precious opportunity to work on new revolutionary technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. Like many, his interest for the blockchain grows proportionally with his understanding of the possible social and economic implications of this incredible technology.

Patrick Rota
Patrick RotaDeputy Chairman
Innovator and serial entrepreneur, he was initiated at the young age into the art of programming, he earned a Bachelor degree in electrical engineering and he worked 20+ years in the industry as hardware and software developer and later as project manager.

Besides HDI, he is currently leading an Embedded Engineering team at ABB and he serves as technical advisor of Swissponic Sagl.

Gianluca Audrino
Gianluca AudrinoBoard Member
Gianluca worked for 26 years at Credit Suisse covering various roles in different Swiss locations.
In 2005 he left the bank to undertake a new business experience in the financial business, helding several important management functions in private banking as team leader and sector head for Italian customers.
In 2014, he has co-founded SMC Wealth Management SA, a financial company operating in the consulting and asset management sector, of which he was director and member of the Board until he reached Marcuard Ticino SA in 2018.
Francesco Audrino
Francesco AudrinoFounder
Francesco is Professor of Statistics at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. After graduating from the ETH Zürich, he began his research activity in financial statistics as a post-doc and later as an assistant professor of the Swiss national program NCCR FinRisk at the University of Lugano. He served as Head of the Department of Economics during the period 2015-2017 and he is in charge of the PhD programme in Economics and Finance since 2011. He is the author of different publications in top international journals in Statistics, Economics, and Finance.
Michelangelo D'alessandro
Michelangelo D'alessandroFounder
Alessandro is a Junior Data Scientist with a Master in Banking and Finance.
Thanks to his experience working in Finance Technology, he has developed a solid understanding of financial instruments and Capital Markets.
He is implementing his quantitive knowledge with Blockchain analysis.